Musical career

classical piano training

sound design and producer of music for computer games

since 1990
studio musician and producer in the electronic genre

Music Projects: Axel S.,  L2A, L/AX Dope and Keine Farben.

since 2021
Member of 12inch

Website: www.axel-s-music.com
Instagram: Axel S. Music
Facebook: Axel S. Music
Spotify: Axel S.
Soundcloud: Axel S.



26.06.2024 New Release No Man´s Land

20.10.2023 New Release Moonstorm

24.07.2023 New Release Dusk Tonight

01.03.2023 New Release Back from Moon

15.02.2023 New Release Rising Sun

27.01.2023 New Release Secret Beach

10.01.2023 New Release Breezing

07.09.2022 taking part at Remix-Contest on Meta-PopFatum – Angels Cry (Axel S. Remix)

30.08.2022 taking part at Remix-Contest on Meta-PopBiskuwi – Veil – (Axel S – Back in Time Remix)

24.02.2022 New Release Baile del Banjo 

19.10.2021 New Release of Deep Ocean


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